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At Hychem Hygiene and Healthcare Solutions Limited, we offer training services to our clients for the purpose of achieving the following;

Safe use of our products

Our products are made of chemicals, some of which are hazardous. We train our clients on how to use and store our products safely, We train them on how to read and understand the labels, wall charts, safety data sheets and technical bulletins that come with the products. These documents contain product identifiers, signal words, hazard statements, precautionary statements, supplier information and pictograms to help users safely use and store the products.

Effective use of our products

Our training also helps users to attain the best possible results when, and after using our products. We train users on the steps to follow when using our cleaning products. This ensures that maximum cleanliness and hygiene is achieved after use of the products. We also train users to effectively use the healthcare products that we supply.


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