Our customized services are classified into three categories; customized labels and wall charts, safety data sheets and technical bulletins.

Labels and wall charts

Labels, in this case, referred to as hazard labels are the main communication tools used to classify hazardous substances and mixtures. Together with safety data sheets, hazard labels communicate to users any hazard information pertaining to the hazardous product that the user is interacting with. This helps the user to take protective measures to avoid being harmed by the product.

As manufacturers and distributors, Hychem Hygiene and Healthcare Solutions Limited takes the creation of hazard labels and wall charts as a very important responsibility. We ensure that we use the two to make sure that we have disseminated enough information to users of our products to enable them to use them correctly and to prevent them from getting harmed by the chemicals involved in their manufacture.

Elements of hazard labels

Product identifier – It may include a chemical name, code number and/or batch number that identifies the hazardous chemical.

Signal word – It is used to indicate the severity of the hazard. Two signal words are used and only one can be used per label. The first signal word is “Danger” for more severe hazards. The second signal word is “Warning” for less severe hazards.

Hazard statements – They are used to describe the degree and nature of the hazard in question. A label can have multiple hazard statements.

Precautionary statements – There are four precautionary statements that are in wide use. The first one tells users how to minimize exposure. The second one gives instructions on what to do in case of exposure. The third one gives instructions on how to safely store the product. The last one gives instructions on how to dispose of the product.

Supplier information – It gives the addresses of the chemical manufacturer or supplier.

Pictograms – These pictograms are comprised of hazard symbols surrounded by red borders. Currently, there are nine pictograms and any number of them can be printed on the label.

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