Residential and Commercial Industries

Commercial and Residential IndustriesAt Hychem Hygiene and Healthcare Solutions Limited, we supply cleaning products that are applicable to both residential and commercial industries.

The products can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning purposes.  You can view and inquire about any of the products by visiting our online shop on this page.

We have floor care, kitchen care, automotive care, laundry care and housekeeping hygiene products. All these can be used in both residential and commercial industries.

Some of our floor care products are used to clean and strip grease from floors. Others are used for floor maintenance while others are used to clean carpets.

We have kitchen care products that can be used for both manual and automatic dishwashing. Cleaning of ovens and grills is also made easy by some of our products that are tailored for that purpose.  You can also procure kitchen floor and surface cleaning products from us.

Our automotive care cleaning products are used to clean the interior and exterior of vehicles. Others are used to freshen the air in vehicles.

Our laundry care range of products is categorised in liquids, powders and fabric softeners.

We also have a wide range of household hygiene products. They include auto-dispensing liquids and their dispensers and cartridges. We also sell disinfectants and air fresheners. From us, you can also get cleaners for windows and other smooth surfaces. For body care, we stock body and hand wash products.