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Omo is a product from a universal company called Unilever. This London based company deals with nutritional, hygiene and personal care products.

It has both liquid and powder auto washing and hand washing detergents. However, it has got quite the competition from products produced by Hychem Limited.

Laundry Cleaning

Omo detergent
Laundry hung out to dry.

When it comes to our clothes, we all want a soap that can leave our clothes spotless, soft and in good form. Some of us use machines while others wash manually.

Omo has an auto washing powder and hand washing powder. They also have detergents in the same right. The products are known to have multiple stain removers that dissolve even the deepest stains. Which is true and people love these Omo brands.

But have you tried products from Hychem Limited? They have a product for your everyday clothes problems. Unlike Omo where you have to scrub the stain, Hychem offers a pre-wash stain remover and a grease and stain removers. You spray either on the stain and by the time you wash it, you do not strain at all.

We all know that there some cloth materials that need extra care, such as wool. This is very expensive by the way. Omo has one product to be used on all clothes. However, Hychem has a product for all fabrics and one dedicated to wool alone, which ensure that all your expensive woolen wears get exactly what they need. They have even added a eucalyptus fragrance to the product giving you that fresh outside air smell.

Hychem offers you an enzyme pack or your disinfecting purposes, a chlorinated powder to further protect your fabrics and even bleach that leaves your clothes bright. All their products are rich in Lavender and lemon fragrances that make your home smell like a little paradise.

Kitchen Hygiene

Now this one here is a definite winner. Laundry detergent is never a good thing to use for kitchen purposes. That means if you buy Omo then eventually you will have to start hunting for dish soap. Another soap to clean your kitchen counters. Another for your oven and grill. Don’t your kitchen floor needs cleaning too. Unfortunately, you only have omo and it cannot help you with all this.

Why don’t you buy yourself the Hychem range of kitchen detergents? They wash your dishes, disinfect them and leave them smelling like a million dollars. Have you have ever struggled with stains like wine, beer, and lipsticks on your dishes? Then this is exactly what you need. Even the smells from these stains are completely eliminated.

Many of us love those outdoor barbeque and baking cake for dessert. But in the end, you’re left with the nightmare of a dirty oven and greasy grill. They are never fun to clean. Fortunately, Hychem has a range of products dedicated to the cleanliness of your oven and grill. In addition, they are all free of harsh caustic ingredients.

They have a filter powder for soaking your filters and grill to completely remove the grease. As a result, you won’t have to keep scrubbing. They even have a product with mild and alkaline salts which is much safer for your appliances.

Dirty kitchen tops and floors are a rather unwanted site in a kitchen. And in as much as Omo can be used on these surfaces, it is not quite as effective. Omo will get rid of the dirt quite fine, but what about nourishing the surfaces themselves? Hychem has products that not only clean but also disinfect and polish the surfaces leaving them smooth and shiny.

These cleaning products also contain sweet and subtle fragrances. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your kitchen smelling of fish or burnt food or whatever food you cooked. Honestly, omo cannot give you are these perfections.

Omo detergent
A clean kitchen

House Keeping

This is a very important part of the overall hygiene of a home. Everybody wants to be in a house that feels and smells clean. A dirty house is a minefield of infections and that’s why you need great cleaning products.

If you do not have a carpet then you obviously want your floor to be spick and span. Omo will do just fine but we all want perfection. Hychem offers you a lot of choices with unique strengths. Did you know you can completely clean concrete? Try that with concrete and you have broken nails. Hychem has a concrete cleanser powder that completely removes grease, oils, and grime from concrete surfaces. They have an acid cleaner that removes cement and sand residues. They have products that clean and sanitize your floor at the same time.

For those with carpets, Hychem offers you products that leave your carpet clean and fresh. They remove tough stains and also preserve the quality of your carpet. The fragrances in these products are left on your carpet hence giving it a cool homely scent.

One very important part of a house is the washroom area. If it is not maintained properly it could affect the entire home. Each area needs special attention and one soap like omo cannot do everything. Hychem gives you products that concentrate on each part individually. They have a toilet bowl cleaner that also sanitizes. They have a scouring powder that cleans and disinfects and an odour fresh pack with lavender. All these products leave your toilet spotless and smelling great.

Hychem also gives some pretty good non-corrosive products for cleaning windows. They polish and dry quite quickly leaving your windows clear and shiny. Using omo for this usually leaves soap residues which makes the windows look dirtier.

Omo detergent
A clean washroom

Other Uses

Laundry soaps like omo are not suitable for body washing because they are too harsh. Luckily, Hychem has several products to be used for bathing and hand washing which are very friendly to the skin.

They also have a massage oil and eucalyptus oil for that aesthetic feel. Get yourself a Hychem product today.



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